Gastric balloon surgery is the way to prevent hunger so the weight loss benefits are enhanced. Few people who cannot get rid of excess weight opt for Gastric balloon Dubai surgery which offers ultimate results. In this method, the hunger of the person is depressed so one eats less. It is a short term solution which enables one to learn healthy habits and maintain the lost weight through this method. In 6 moths time patients can lose up to 20 kg of weight through this method.

Advantages of the Gastric balloon Dubai program:

The process offers some distinct advantages to the patients. It is superior to other conventional diets and weight loss programs which offers sure shot results. The advantage of this process is, one has a feeling of fullness, lose more weight than any other programmers, get complete support of the medical experts in Dubai, enjoy learning the healthy principles to reap the benefits for a long time. There is no need of general anesthesia in this process and therefore, there are fewer complications. The process is non surgical and it is completely reversible. It is a revolutionary method to lose weight. This process is beneficial for those who are finding it difficult to comply with the complex diets. Those people who are severely obese can jumpstart the weight loss process fast.

How the gastric balloon is inserted?

Gastric balloon is inserted endoscopic ally which is placed in the stomach and it is inflated with saline. It can be completed within an hour. One can return home the same day. The Gastric balloon Dubai surgeons will also adjust the balloon as per the patient’s convenience so the patient doesn’t eat much. It may cause nausea and vomiting and accordingly, the size of the balloon can be adjusted with endoscopy. Before this process, the patient needs to be on liquid diet for 3 days and once it is placed in the stomach, it will take 3 to 5 days for adjustment. During this time one may feel nauseated. Thus, medications are given to settle the stomach properly. After this process, one will be on liquid diet for 3 days and then he or she can return to normal healthy diet for better results.

People who have a body mass index of 40 can go for this process. The risk is more if the BMI is more than 60. This procedure is useful to treat sleep apnea, high blood pressure and diabetes. When the Gastric balloon Dubai surgery is performed, it is not necessary for the patient to stay in the hospital for overnight. The most important change which one need to make is to change in lifestyle and food habits. Thus, good results can be achieved and one can lead a healthy life.