If you are new to the world of fish oil supplements, then you undoubtably have numerous questions. Questions like, what to look for in a fish oil? What dosage to take? Is there a chance of contamination? Will it taste bad?

The following list provides 6 of the most essential factors to take into account when purchasing a fish oil product. Make sure you speak with a doctor prior to taking any supplement and follow any advice they give you. Fish oil contains Omega3 fatty acids which contain anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties. They are also being proven to help prevent many diseases including heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, depression, cancers, diabetes, chronic joint pain, MS, neurological diseases, fertility and pregnancy, weight control, inflammation, ADD, healthy skin, and many others. .

Fish oil pills are chock full of Omega3 fatty acids. The acids come from the fish, just below the skin and from the liver of the fish. These fatty acids are also found the lower doses from plants and various vegetables. The human body does not make omega3 fatty acids, so we need to consume all of it through our diet. These fatty acids help to fuel the cells within our bodies with energy and muscular contraction. If you are not getting enough fatty acids, you may feel tired, have memory problems, dry skin, heart problems, mood swings, depression or poor circulation. It is important to talk with your doctor about these symptoms and whether or not fish oil pills can help.

If you decide to purchase some fish oil capsules, make sure you take the following into account.

1. Taste – While certainly not the most important of the factors, it is usually the reason that people do not continue to take supplements that they have purchased. Usually, it is not the taste itself, it is the “fishy burps” that people associate with taking the pills. While fish oil is not inherently good tasting, you want to avoid pills that have anything added to enhance the flavor. Unfortunately, the only way to find pills that are acceptable to you, is to listen to advice from people you trust or try the pills yourself.

2. DHA and EPA – The pills should have large amounts of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and should be clearly written on the label. If you have a 1000mg pill, then the totals of the DHA and EPA should also add to 1000mg. The higher the concentration of DHA & EPA, the higher the quality of the supplement. Also, the higher to levels of DHA and EPA, the less dosage you will need to take to reach your daily goal.

3. Purity – The quality of the pills should be of the upmost concern to anyone taking the supplements. Certain fish are known to consume large amounts of unhealthy chemicals, metals, and natural ingredients that are harmful to humans. Look for fish oil capsules that have been molecularly distilled. This means that the pills have been purified as much as possible and the harmful ingredients removed.

4. Freshness – Do not buy any fish oil pills that cannot prove the date of capture, processing, or last use date. Fish oil has a short shelf life and will spoil very quickly. Do not keep pills longer than 3 months and do not take any pills that smell “fishy”. If you notice an extremely bad taste or smell, then consider the pills expired and purchase new ones.

5. Size of the Pill – Something that most people do not consider when purchasing fish oil, is the size of the pill they need to swallow. Sometimes the pills can be quite large and if you are taking multiple pills, then you may have a difficult time swallowing them. Also, remember that children will have a more difficult time if the pills are too big. Look for softgels, that can easily be swallowed and enjoyed.

6. Cost – As with anything you put into your body, do not pick the cheapest product you can find. There is a reason why some pills are more expensive than others, and it usually relates to purity and type of fish. You don’t necessarily need to pick the highest priced pill, but pick from a well known vendor and stay above average. A couple of dollars per bottle will definitely pay off in the long run.

If you are new to the world of fish oil supplements, then don’t be discouraged when you find thousands of different bottles out there. With these simple steps, you are on your way to becoming and informed and healthy buyer.