If you’re just beginning an exercise routine, you might not yet have begun training with weights, nevertheless you should definitely consider it. While cardio is great, you won’t get the full effects of doing exercises without adding the key benefits of body building exercise to your regime. Some of those benefits can include but certainly aren’t limited to:

1. Speeds Up Metabolism: Lean muscle tissue is metabolically active, so the more muscle mass you build the greater your rate of metabolism will accelerate. Lean body mass burns a great deal more calories. So if you’re trying to lose weight one benefit of weight lifting is basically that you burn calories even after you’re done working out. That’s hard to beat.

2. Improves Self confidence: Weight lifting causes you to feel better, as you become stronger and look better. Whether it’s just knowing that you can lift something, or seeing yourself become stronger and look leaner you will feel happier about yourself and feel a lot better about the new healthy body you are building for yourself.

3. Strengthens Bones: An additional benefit of strength training is it actually strengthens your bones helping to prevent brittle bones as you grow older, this offers a better standard of living well into your old age.

4. Helps Boost Immune System: Strength training, like other kinds of exercise, helps your immune system defend the body, preventing not just colds but more serious illnesses, and can help you resist illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease because you will be healthy and more fit.

5. Improves Flexibility: Maybe you have heard that weight lifters are less flexible, but actually one of the benefits of strength training is that it improves flexibility and makes muscles more pliable. When done properly you will feel better and be less prone to injury.

6. Eases Depression: Lifting weights releases endorphins into your body so you will find yourself feel great when you finish a workout and this will help you feel great overall. Exercise is one of the best natural therapies available and can help give a long term way of managing depression.

7. Helps With Sleep: In addition to being one of the best natural therapies, another benefit of weight training is that it is one of the best sleep inducers around. After a great workout you’ll sleep better.

These are just seven of the best benefits of working out with weights. The next time you workout don’t forget the weights.