Exercise is very important for everyone. It is even more important to wear comfortable clothing during exercise. Tight and uncomfortable clothes make you concentrate more on the clothes and not on exercising. It is hence important to wear the best workout clothes possible. These days with many good options available there is no longer the need for one to workout wearing an oversized t-shirt.

Bras and Underwear
It is very important for a woman to wear a supportive bra while working out. If a regular bra is worn it will cause the breast to move too much and will result in backache. A professional fitted sports bra is a must for doing exercise. But, one must remember that sports bras are always of a tight fit so, a snug fit does not mean that one has to buy a bigger size bra. The underwear for both men and women should be one that wicks moisture from the body. This helps in reducing the chances of infection that occurs due to sweat and moisture.

Wearing a comfortable shirt makes a lot of difference while exercising. For women especially, wearing an attractive shirt would make them more motivated towards workout. A shirt that is made of advanced technology material and can absorb moisture more keeps you cool during exercise. Performance shirts from the companies like Adidas are said to be great for workouts. One should choose shirts that can stretch and give you the freedom to move.

Pants and Shorts
Few years back workout pants means the biggest pair you can find in the market. Now-a-days the fitness companies have more streamlines exercise pants that give you the flexibility of wearing them to the gym as well as to the market. Some companies have launched the stretchy pants that keep you cool while exercising. Some companies also offer pants with specialized pockets to hold you MP3 players while workingout.

In case a person is planning on continuing his workout even when the climate is cold a comfortable jacket is a must for shield you from these elements. It is advisable to choose jackets that can be zipped from the front rather than those that are worn over the head. Though the main function of the jacket is to keep the person warm it also helps in absorbing the moisture as well as this is also another reason for a person to feel cold.

Feet should be given utmost importance while doing workout. The socks worn during workout should have extra cushioning and support the feet. Some companies sell socks that gels well with the running shoes and keep the feet comfortable as well. One should always wear a sock during workout if not it cause fungus and spread all over the feet along with the sweat.